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2nd April 2012

1:57am: And I'm back to tackling dumb ones, I miss Dave
xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): hey you

flashfox466: Ah, hey Allison!

xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): hey whatcha up 2?

flashfox466: Watching Pokemon, being 10

xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): 28.f.... how bout u??

flashfox466: 10 Both, mommy says I'm special

xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): ahh im sure it seems random but i was just going through lifestream and saw your name and figured i'd say hi

xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): my asshole boyfriend cheated on me so i been posting some of my dirty pics to get back at him lol

flashfox466: You post dirty pics of yourself to get back at him?

xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): well hey r u signd up to any profile sites like justhookup?? it's kinda like a facebook but for singles

xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): i just uploaded sum of them there to really piss him off lol u should make a profile so u can leave me a comment ;)

flashfox466: How does that work? I mean, "Haha, guys are jerking off to me as we speak and will keep jerking off to me until the end of the internet. That'll show 'em!"

xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): it only takes a sec to make your profile and then i can send u a friend request......want to???

flashfox466: No, I'm 10. Girls are icky

xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): kk cool!! here's my profile http://access.im/1/justhookup but i think u have to make ures before u can see it... it only takes a second to signup though

flashfox466: Wait, are you one of those pedophiles my mom told me about?

xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): im me ure username when u get it tho and i'll send u the friend invitation too so maybe we can get to know each other a little better ok?

flashfox466: Username: Nambla52189

xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): i'm about to put up some more sexi pics here in a sec u can rate em after u get ure profile made for me ;) brb

flashfox466: Alright!

xxladiejennxox (kenzie couch): ok did u make ure profile yet??

flashfox466: Yes!

flashfox466: Didn't you see the screenname earlier? Go to that!

flashfox466: Hehe, little does she know, that guy is a real bot player.

flashfox466: Score one for me! This one was really stupid *block*

31st March 2012

8:21pm: This has to be the most advanced bot I've ever f*cked around with...
tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): Hey you ...:-)

flashfox466: Hello, bot!

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): sweet about time someone wants to chat!

flashfox466: Actually, I don't

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): Was hopeing someone wouId cum chiII with me soo... what ya up 2?

flashfox466: Oh, just studying to become a monk.

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): i'm that kinda girI u wanna chew on my bubbIe gum ;) IoI..I kno sounds naughty but fun right?

flashfox466: You're a girl named Dave?

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): Ashlee

flashfox466: Why are you called Tuesdaydave?

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): what about u what r you Iike?}

flashfox466: I'm an obese, balding, 30-year-old man.

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): Mmm that sounds fun

flashfox466: You bet'cha!

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): Guess what im wearin right now?

flashfox466: Clothing?

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): Im wearing sexy panties and bra that's bareIy hoIdin my tits in!! i'm thinking it needs to cum off :D

flashfox466: So you are wearing clothing?

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): im wearing almost nothing lol

flashfox466: Aren't you cold?

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): here open my cam cIick http://so.ee/TKO R U ready to pIay??

flashfox466: Oh, sorry, I'm kind of busy masturbating right now. Would be difficult to watch your video.

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): cIick http://so.ee/blp and then cIick the Join Free button and Iet me know your user name and iII send u a privat invite to my cam so u don't have to search for me :)

flashfox466: Well, alright, but you have to give me your contact info first. You're name, address, bank account...

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): cc is just to verify age..you'll get in for free through my page!

flashfox466: That's right! I need to know your age, so give it up! You could jailbait for all I know!

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): i'm 20

flashfox466: Right, and I'm 12.

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): there's no cost but keeps the kidz out NO kids = no Iimits what ya can do on cams ;)

flashfox466: Actually, I really am 12.

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): I just need ur username so I can send u a speciaI chat invite pIease Iet me know ur username when you are setup remember its free - i'm not a hooker so i don't charge for this

flashfox466: I'm pretty sure you'd have to actually have sex with me to be a hooker.

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): wow i need to get some

flashfox466: I'll say!

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): how sIowIy do u want me to remove my panties? i have something speciaI for u babe!

flashfox466: I want it to take an hour for you take off your panties. I love a girl who can do Thai Chi.

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): i have pink panties on..wanna see?

flashfox466: Can you be wearing green panties instead?

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): im wearing almost nothing lol

flashfox466: Good luck with that!

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): k i wiII meet u there :)

flashfox466: Sure, I'll be there about 2 years.

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): ohh baby you are being a bad boy by keeping me waiting..

flashfox466: Whatever keeps you steamy, baby!

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): Iet me show u what i do to bad boyz IoI

flashfox466: Can you show me in ASCII?

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): love to show off :)

flashfox466: You love to show off your ASCII skills?

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): love to show off :)

flashfox466: You love to show off your ASCII skills?

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): yeah i can be a tease ;)

flashfox466: You love to tease with ASCII skills?

tuesdaydave (tuesdaydave): k I'm in chat just waiting for ya ;-)

flashfox466: You love to chat with ASCII skills?

flashfox466: …you went silent. Did I just win?

flashfox466: Why does this victory feel so shallow?

flashfox466: Sigh… Farewell bot, this has been interesting. *block*

27th August 2011

2:33pm: diizy

flashfoxX (flashfox466)

Hey whats up>? 22/F here. u?

flashfoxX (flashfox466)
15/M, Not much, uploading a video to youtube

Hmmm. Have we taIlked be 4?

flashfoxX (flashfox466)
Yes, once before

Oh okk. l wasnt sure. But Anywayzs.. Whats up?

flashfoxX (flashfox466)
Well, reading TVtropes while waiting for a video to upload, you?

Oh lm Iike soooo bored. There is nothing to do.

Oooo wait. Maybe there is. Have you ever watched a girIl strip on cam b4?

flashfoxX (flashfox466)
Oh here we go again

WeIlIl.... Do u wanna watch me strip on cam?

flashfoxX (flashfox466)

Yeahh??? Ok welI you have to signup on this site so that l cannot be recrded.

flashfoxX (flashfox466)
I said no

lt onIly takes a minute and it is free. mk?

(Link censored) go right there thenn at the top of the page cIick on tha golId JOlN FREE button. ok?

flashfoxX (flashfox466)
I'm not falling for your trap

AIso it wilI ask for a credit carrd whhen you signup. But do not worrry

flashfoxX (flashfox466)

lt does not charge the carrd at aIl. Not even a penny. lts just to maake sure that u r over 18. k?

flashfoxX (flashfox466)

K babe weIl hurrry up. When you get Ilogged in then view my cam and we can have some fun  

flashfoxX (flashfox466)

l aIso havve some toys ;-X but you have to tipp me some goIld or takee me in privat to seee those.

flashfoxX (flashfox466)

Hey Iets taIk on there my aim iis messing up.

flashfoxX (flashfox466)




*cat screams*

11th August 2010

5:45pm: Minecraft: Bridge to the New World
Today in Minecraft, I learned that there was a whole gigantic island not to far from where I lived. I fondly called it "The New World" despite the fact that everything is new in this world to begin with. The problem is the island is accessible only from the one side of my house that doesn't have an exit, there is a giant mountain in the way, and it's a b*tch to swim the short distance from one shore to the next. What is a guy supposed to do? Well, I found a solution: MY WAY!!!

MinecutCollapse )
Current Mood: crazy
2:44am: Minecraft: The House on top of the Hill!
Started playing Minecraft not long ago. For those unfamiliar, it's a game where you are stranded on an island, and must explore and mine to build the things you need to survive. I ended up saying "Screw the adventure, I want to build a house first!"

After many hours, this is what I came up with.

MinecutCollapse )
Current Mood: accomplished

4th August 2010

8:52pm: Writer's Block: Super Computer
What do you wish your computer or laptop could do much better than it does now?

Well, I wish it wouldn't load slowly, and it wouldn't bug at all...

Current Mood: apathetic

9th July 2010

10:14pm: Can't Draw For Crap - Kraig's Birthday
My good friend kraigose is having a Birthday! So I drew him a comic. I hope he gets this OK!

click to read comicCollapse )

Have a good one, buddy!
Current Mood: accomplished

1st June 2010

10:57pm: Nanomango
Just to let you guys know, I'll be participating in LiveJournal's Nanomango during the month of June. A whole month of Can't Draw for Crap Comics!

Those interested, you can find 'em here:


It's more or less a reboot since the setting is kind of different this time around... It's still an art school with a loud and English drop-out instructor, don't worry, just don't be surprised if there are a few things different this time around.
Current Mood: accomplished

21st February 2010

3:29pm: I've joined the masquerade
I'm on twitter now. http://twitter.com/flashfox466

19th February 2010

11:10am: A little catching up

Sorry it's been a while. Just thought I'd bring an update on the schoolin' and such.

Cinematic Storytelling: It's been kind of difficult. The class focuses on framing and getting a shot right, really. The assignments so far has been pretty annoying, as we have to check out film cameras to take our pictures. You can only do this on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and you have to return it two days later. So, that means, if you screw up royally in your photographs, you won't know it until the film has been developed into slides, and by then, you won't have the camera anymore, nor will you have the special film made for slide production. It kind of sucks in my part because I kinda suck at working a camera. ^^;

Non-Linear Editing: The only class I have twice a week. They've got me doing a 60 second ad for the movie "Blood Simple." They focus a lot on the logging; the aspect of editing where you label pretty much everything you plan to edit. The first critique (taking place last thursday) was nothing but looking at the logging. At least the instructor is experienced in what she does.

Respect for Acting: It's a rather fun class, we spend much of the beginning portion playing games. Then spend the rest of the class doing acting exercises, like improv was one of the things we did. I actually played a cop trying to get a cellphone from some girl who was withholding information. I actually turned out to be a sucky cop, heh. xD

Successful Storytelling: This is the class about storytelling and such, I quite enjoy it despite the stress involved. I had to write a paper in the perspective of a rich party girl. Despite getting extreme writer's block, I managed to get an "A" in it. Now they've got me drawing storyboards. Never thought this would be the storyboarding class...

As for how life has been going... I guess it has been fine. I'm still having a hard time making friend, I'm still in the talking phase with most of my classmates which I guess is an improvement, but my anti-social behaviors do impede progress a bit. It's more important now that I find friends than ever. Back home, if I were lonely, I'd have family to fall back to, they aren't here now, and I can't rely on my online friends forever. But I dunno what I can do about it.

Tomorrow is the first meeting (of this semester) of the school's anime club. I have no clue how it will go, I heard it has about 70 members, so I hope I won't be overwhelmed. I'll give an update on that tomorrow I guess.

Well, glad I got that all out. Fox out.
Current Mood: okay

1st February 2010

4:10pm: It has begun...
Started my first day of class at my new school!

It was meh.

Today was Cinematic Storytelling. It's pretty much story boarding class, except you get to film stuff as well... on old fashion film cameras... Though, I'm not too concerned about that right now.
My main concern is that I can barely understand what the instructor is saying because of his thick Korean accent. I hope that won't be troublesome later. I better make sure to read the books for that class. xD

Tomorrow is digital editing class! Even though it's probably going to focus on drop down menus and all that stuff, I can't want to get into it!

27th January 2010

8:05pm: Me, Myself, and I.D.

After a long day at Telegraph hill yesterday (went up the Filbert Steps!), I went to bed early thinking I was going to get a long night's rest. Instead, I woke of 3 am. Sucks, doesn't it?

Well, anyways, around 9 am, I left to get my new student I.D.! Ya use it to get into all of the campuses, which they are pretty strict about not letting intruders in. Makes sense with all the expensive equipment.

After spending 4 hours at home trying not to fall asleep, I went to an orientation greeting from the president of the school. I got to see a lot of student work, and learn about the programs that go on there. Of course, they had a number of speeches from people who graduated, like one guy that works for Lucas Arts. It was all a similar theme; "Never Give UP!"

After that, we all broke down into our majors where we got to meet the directors of our individual departments. I got to meet the Motion Pictures and Television department directors, as well as got some questions answered. One of the director actually said I looked like a director! We also got to see more student work, but this time from film students.

After that, it was Movie night! Got to munch on a ton of snacks and watched UP with a bunch of my classmates. They also ran a raffle, and I won a coupon for one free pizza! They were going to show one more movie tonight, but I had a sugar rush, and didn't want to stay out late, so I went home.

And that brings us current! I'll have to get up early again tomorrow. Hopefully not too early ^^;

25th January 2010

5:50pm: Finding my Footing
Spent much of the day looking for many of my school locations. Found one of the buildings I'll be going to twice a week. Now I just got to find the motion pictures and television building, which according to google maps in one hell of a walk. Ok, not really, only 36 minutes, down hill.

I plan to go to Telegraph hill tomorrow, see the birdies I guess.
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23rd January 2010

10:22pm: Orientation week is next week!
Hello everyone! Orientation week for my school is next week! I'll get my school ID as well meet the school president, and a ton of other stuff! I'll be sure to post about it! Monday and Tuesday is devoted to international and Graduate students which I am neither, so the fun for me begins on wednesday. The beginning of school is coming up real soon, can't wait!

Oh yeah, and before I forget I also managed to get caught up in One Piece! Thought I'd never make it! Well, because it's kind of pointless now, I'm retiring the episode counter. So, for the last time:

434/434 episodes of One Piece viewed!
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6th January 2010

1:47pm: School Books and Silly Faces: Spring 2010

It's that time again! More school books! And these are a doozy because I had to carry them up a very steep hill with them in tow in order to get them home. Well anyways, here we go!

These two books are for my storyboarding class. One of them discusses how a camera works, and the other goes on and on about how important storyboarding is. Yawn, moving on.

These three are all for my editing class. Pretty self explanatory, just a lot of the usual technical stuff.

This is for my acting class. It is not self explanatory. I dunno why I had to get this.
Well, my final class didn't have a book, so I guess that's all folks! Nothing to exciting... wait a second...


Oh, it's just the fish kite I got from Japantown today. My bad!

328/433 episodes of One Piece viewed.

3rd January 2010

7:37pm: California here I... am!
Now I'm at San Francisco.

My parents and I arrived here New years eve where we enjoyed watching fireworks from my window. They were kind of small but it was kind of nice of enjoying them from the comfort of my apartment.

We spent much of New Years day putting things together. We managed to put in a bookcase, a nice rug, and much other stuff.

Yesterday, we headed downtown to buy some new shoes. It's so interesting walking around the city. It's such a different atmosphere than in Reno! We also visited the post office of Chinatown and a few other locations of interest.

And today, my folks and I went to the grace cathedral, and walked the labyrinth. A small path of twist and turns built into the ground, in which you follow as a means of meditation. After lunch, my parents left back for Reno, leaving me behind. This is a big step in my life. I will be sure to write about my adventure in the coming weeks.

319/433 episodes of One Piece viewed.
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30th December 2009

12:06pm: Well, it's almost time...
It's hard to believe that I'm actually moving to San Francisco tomorrow. What adventures will get into? What kind of people I'll meet? I guess I won't know until I'm actually there.

Been a bitch to pack, I have way too much junk in my room. Just years amount of stuff all over the place. I took way too long to realize that keeping the living area clean was important. Well, that's something to keep in mind in my apartment down in San Francisco.

This is certainly a brand new chapter in my life. I'll keep you guys updated.

302/432 episodes of One Piece viewed.
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25th December 2009

8:57pm: Merry Christmas and May the Goddess Yotsuba Bless Us!
Merry Christmas to all! Here is the christmas haul!

Seen above is a new set of earphones (ones that work... hopefully) and vol. 6 of Yotsuba, which I've already read from fan translations, but still nice to have. I mean, they actually LAMINATED the frickin' cover! I don't remember them doing that when this was being translated by ADV Manga.

And of course, the centerpiece of the group, a book! But not just any book, but the animator's bible; The Illusion of Life. This was written by a couple of guys who worked under Walt back when they were experimenting, and it not only details the history of animation, but the very basics. My instructor actually xeroxed a ton of pages of this for my basics of animation class last spring. Very useful stuff! Now the trick is reading it. xD

Oh yeah and sorry to get off topic but I've been trying to get caught up in One Piece. I want to get caught up before school starts February 1st and I've still got a long ways to go. Well, for every post until I'm done with One Piece, I'll put in the number of episodes I've seen. Why? I dunno.

248/431 episodes of One Piece viewed.
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15th November 2009

7:07pm: So I was in San Francisco...
What an eventful weekend. I was in San Francisco this weekend.

For the uninitiated, I’ve been recently accepted into the Academy of Arts University. I plan to transfer out in the spring. My parents and I came down here to take a guided tour of the TV & Motion Pictures program, which is where I will be studying.

We took the 4-hour drive down here on Friday. The drive wore me out, despite the fact that I was just sitting around. The first night wasn’t all that great. It was dark, so we didn’t see much. And I spent the night in a hotel room, where all the noises of the city could be heard. On Saturday morning, we headed out. We had pancakes at the world famous Sears Pancake House, and then, headed for the building, where the tours are supposed to take place.

The tour I took, really surprised me. I got to see Townsend, the main film building. It was full of soundstages where many sets were custom built for students! They actually custom build the set for students! The tour guide once said he once came to work one day to find one of the rooms was now a long mining tunnel! After seeing a few classrooms, we left to see the labs and sound booths. They were very well put together, with dozens of industry standard software and equipment to work with. We also saw the school green screen room… IT WAS HUGE!!! I mean my god! The guide said it was the biggest green screen available to students, and I can really see how it got that reputation. It was just one large room of all green! It should be really useful in the future. We also got to see a newsroom. It was all quite impressive!

After the mind-blowing tour, we went to eat Chinese food and then headed off to see some apartments. The first one we saw conveniently had open house that day and it was near by… up a very high hill. My legs were getting so sore; I had thought at the time that it might not have been worth it. But soon I would find out, it was.

The building we found was over 100 years old. A nice old lady greeted us, and brought us up to the room. It was a nice little room built for one. It had a very nice kitchen, bathroom, and plenty of space for my stuff. I was quite impressed by the little room. But then, the manager decided to take us up to the roof. WOW! What a view! You could see the whole city there, and even the ocean! Oh, and it gets better! Not only is the neighborhood safe, but also it is very quiet! That’s surprising considering that it can be a very noisy city. There are two grocery stores within walking distance from the place, one of which had fresh meat and vegetables for buying. There’s also a very nice park just down the block. Not only that, but it seems not too many people are in line to get the place. We may very well get the place! The only down side, is it’s on top of a hill. But, a cable car runs very close to the place, so it maybe fine!
We looked at some of the other places, but there were not as good at the first place, so we came back and applied for it. I really do hope I can live there.

After that was done, my family and I, headed back down the hill, and how some Italian food. After a bit of walking around, we got back to the hotel to rest for the night.

Sunday, we didn’t do so much. We ate, went on a driving tour (out legs were already too sore) of the places we couldn’t get to by foot, and even saw Japan town! Then we headed home.

We sure did a lot, and a lot happened. I can’t wait until I live there. :D

1st November 2009

12:35am: Where the hell is me?

visited 12 states (24%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

Well apparently, not in the middle of the country

31st October 2009

12:13pm: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!

10th October 2009

1:54pm: Can't Draw for Crap - 018
Man, it's been so long since I've drawn these characters. xD

Current Mood: giddy

13th September 2009

12:32pm: Writer's Block: Do you see psychics in your future?
If an online psychic warned you not to leave home, would you cancel plans to attend a party? Would you refuse to date someone with a clashing astrological sign? In short, do you believe?

Well, I'd most likely not go to a party or a date seeing as I'm quite anti-social and don't get such invitations.
But if the slim chance of that happening were to come up, I wouldn't cancel my plans. Sometimes, taking risks is the only way you could learn to live.
Though, I wonder how hypocritical that statement sounds after the first statement.

1st July 2009

3:03pm: Back to School... in July?

I've officially started school. But not just any school, but two 1 month summer classes. I guess I should discuss how my first three days went.

In order to take the classes, I have to get up at 5:30. But I'm so paranoid that I will sleep in that my body keeps waking me much much earlier. On the first day, I woke at 3 AM, I was lucky that I managed to fall asleep again and wake up at 5. The same thing happened on the second day, but today, I woke at 4:30 AM, and that was too close for comfort to try to sleep through to 5. But somehow, that 30 minutes difference tired me out. I was so zoned out in class today...

Speaking of classes, my two classes are Math and English. At 8 AM was my math class. I have a few complaints about the class. First of all, I'm amazed, utterly amazed that this math class is teaching the EXACT same stuff as the last math class I took. Except this time, you are allowed to use a calculator. I'm only in the class because of some stupid little mistake I made earlier in my time in college (I was supposed to be in a higher level class), but why do I have to go through the same thing twice? Is the whole point of the class to master the calculator?

Also, the teacher in the class isn't that great at explaining things. His explanations remind me back in my last math class, how that teacher explained the problems much better. Also, it could be because it's early in the morning, but he's not that enthusiastic at teaching. Always talking at a low tone, stuttering here and there. I dunno if it's him or if it's us. But it makes it hard on me to pay attention when he's like that. One good thing of the class, though, is he listed all the semester's homework on the first day. I can get ahead if I wanted too, not there is really a point to it as you don't really get credit for doing the homework. You only get credit for taking the 5-question quiz based on the homework...

However, English class is FANTASTIC! I mean, my instructor in that class does a great job. Watching him teach is like watching a one man comedy routine, except educational! He always throws in jokes and punch-lines in his lectures, he makes very clever explanations of all the subjects. I've never seen a classroom laugh so much during a session, and still get so involved in the learning process.

My favorite part, is that every class begins with a "Quote of the Day", where he'd show us an old quote, and have us try to interpret what it means. It just turns out to be a fun and intellectual way to start a class. And he's always open to our ideas and opinions.

Too think, I was thinking of dropping English to lighten the homework situation this semester, but now it's what I look forward too after math class.

Also, I should note that I've actually been doing well to get all my homework done. I think that's a first for me! Then again, now that I think about it, it's only been 3 days...
Current Mood: blank

30th May 2009

10:15am: Kiwi's Little Present

To be honest, it's really hard to tell the gender of cockatiels, almost impossible. What we do know is that Male cockatiels are more vocal than females. Our bird Kiwi is very noisy, so we always assumed that it was a he.

Well, my brother was cleaning his cage today, and he was surprised, as we all were, that he had laid an egg.

An unfertilized egg of course. But an egg none-the-less. Just sitting in between the bars that line his cage.

The bird we had been calling "he" for 12 years was a "she" all along.

It was such an unusual way to start the day that it all seemed like a dream... That was when I realize, I DID dream this! Everything that happened this morning occurred in a dream I had a while back, even where the egg sat in Kiwi's cage and the size of the thing! The dream was so vivid, I remember waking up from the dream thinking it were real. And oddly enough, this is not the first time it's happened, where something I dream comes true. Am I creating false memories? Am I really dreaming the future? I'm not sure if I'll ever know...

Oh well, at least I never dream about people dying. The last thing I need right now is to become a supernatural detective.
Current Mood: indifferent
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